It often feels like "making ends meet" means sacrificing your personal happiness at a job that doesn't always float your boat. In some chapters of life, this may be true, but don't give up on striving for that marriage of "making ends meet" + "personal fulfillment". The Sawmill is here for you while you're preparing to take your plunge!

Last week, I had a biz consult and at the end was again reminded of how it's one of my favorite aspects of what I do. I love hearing people's ideas, and especially love when I can give them insightful feedback, validation and direction to move forward. 

The banner image of this post was me with my feet on my desk in the middle of a phone consultation. In mid-call, I realized I wouldn't have gotten away with this sort of posture at my former corporate job. I was glad to realize that the positive changes I've made in my career have allowed me to be myself - working to my highest natural potential without corporate restraint or stress.

Being in the position to help people feel the same way about their day job is what lights a spark in my day. Just wanted to share a little random piece of me with you all today, and hope you are never too shy to stop in for a Biz Consult with me on Mondays. I might just help you believe that being your own boss is possible!

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